Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ayodance online free download

download ayodance online in this link: click here
download for free,but your computer must to connect first to play this game.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Is Ayodance?

Ayodance is Dance Battle Game Online Indonesia, where you and your friends all over Indonesia can meet and dance playing online. Choice of a wide variety of interesting songs that can be chosen in AyoDance Audition and Music Mall, ranging from Pop, R & B or even Hip Hop! Inside the Fashion Mall, there are also interesting items, express your Dancer with a unique Avatar on Fashion Mall. Let’s look different from each other! With an easy way to play of course, you can perform hundreds of cool dance movement and fantastic, like a dancer movement TOP idol artist, or a romantic dance choreography. Play with your partner! There are also many otherinteresting features in Audition AyoDance.
so many people like this games, if you want try you can go to This game will have new path in may. Here list new update for new path
1. There will be many avatars-new avatar for the girl and guy
2. There are also many new pet sip
3. And there are plenty of new accessories for the new features AyoDance
4. Can you have a bulletin at room
5. Can foxes room name and password without having to change rooms!
6. And your character can sometimes luminous shock.
7. You can rent and hold tournaments for your club, a shy cool.

My Avatar

This is my Avatar in ayodance


150-Audition - Can Can (Acoustic Mix) (Jive)δ
136-Audition - Cow Boy (Jive)δ
126-Audition - Feel of The Night (Salsa)δ
120-Audition - Get Out (Samba)δ
130-Audition - Last Summer (Rhumba)δ
130-Audition - Let's Jive (Jive)δ
99-Audition - Moody Dance (Rhumba)δ
106-Audition - Opera (Cha Cha Cha)δ
170-Audition - Passion (Paso Doble)δ
120-Audition - Por Una Cabeza (Paso Doble)δ
120-Audition - Sad Samba (Samba)δ
128-Audition - Shall We Dance (Samba)δ
116-Gipsy Kings - Volare (Jive)δλ
123-Gloria Estefan - Conga (Salsa)δλ
124-Gloria Estefan - Get On Your Feet (Paso Doble)δλ
115-Marc Anthony - Opera (Cha Cha Cha)δ
90-Marc Anthony - She Been Good To Me (Salsa)δ

Audition song